The construction continues at our new building located at 19 Valley Road.  We have finished the first phase of the renovation which included demolition, preparing the playground and repairs to the parking lot.  The current phase of construction is going to run plumbing and electric, install heating and cooling, and eventually install the walls and flooring.

We are HALF way through our campaign to raise the funds for this project.  Donations towards this project can be one-time donations or pledged over a few years.  We are looking forward to sharing the results of this transformational project with you and with the hundreds of homeless women and children we serve each year!


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  Lucy’s Hearth is a 24-hour emergency and transitional shelter for mothers and their children who are homeless due to economic hardship, family crisis, divorce, eviction, and severe shortage of safe, affordable housing.   The primary goal is to foster independence and help the residents gain the life skills necessary to prevent future chronic homelessness.   Connect with Lucy’s Hearth:

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