Donations During the Holidays

Donations During the Holidays


Effective November 17th we are only accepting donations for the holidays.  Due to limited storage, we will not be accepting clothing and other household items.  We anticipate that we will be accepting regular donations after the new year.  Please check the website to learn when we will begin accepting regular donations again.  If you have addition questions, please contact us! ~ Happy Holidays


2014 Fall for Lucy’s Hearth

Save the Date!
Lucy’s Hearth is celebrating 30 years at the 3rd Annual Fall for Lucy’s Hearth Fundraiser.

Click here for all the details 7.29.14-LH-save-the-date

2014 Mother’s Day Honorees

2014 Mother’s Day Honorees

Below are names submitted as part of Lucy’s Hearth’s Mother’s Day Gift Drive. To learn how to place your Mother’s Day honoree on this list, please click here. The Mother’s Day Gift Drive is a project of the Friends of Lucy’s Hearth.

In Memory of:

Jean Murray DeAngelis

Marie Allana  Barylick

Leslie Popkin

Helen “Betsy” Peirce Prince

Cathleen Shavro

Gina Williams

Peggy Russell

Edna Boretti

Harriet Reeves

Betty Farrington

Bridget “Bridie” Brown

Helen Andrews

Edith LaPane

Aryyrd Caminis

Marie Kirsch Schilling from Susan Erstling

Nancy Leiter Clagett

Ellen F. Dennet

Myra Taylor from Joseph and Julia Trovarelli

Alice Williams

Helen Chadwick from Sara Chadwick


In Honor of:

Tilda Maceroni

Anna R. Croft  & Mary Machtley from Kati Machtley

Peg Bierden from James Bierden

Diance C. Coffey from Elizabeth Coffey-Behan






Lucy’s Hearth Annual Mother’s Day Campaign

The 2014 Annual Mother’s Day Campaign is underway! Honor your mother or another special woman in your life for Mother’s Day by making a donation in their name to support Lucy’s Hearth.

Mother’s Day appeal card_4.4.14

Mother’s Day reply card_4.4.14


Happy 30th Birthday to us!

Lucy’s Hearth is celebrating its 30th year serving homeless women and their children!

Lucy’s Hearth was started in 1984 by an interfaith council formed to repurpose the convent located on St. Lucy’s Church Property. The council determined that there was a need for homeless shelter for women and so it began;opening its’ doors with one staff member and a budget of $20,000, Lucy’s provided shelter on a night to night basis.

Today, Lucy’s Hearth is a private, independent 501(c)3 providing shelter and services to hundreds of homeless women and children per year. We are more than just a shelter – providing essential programs and services such as financial literacy education and parenting classes. Our programs and services designed to increase each families’ self-sufficiency and assist them in achieving permanent affordable housing.

13th Annual Designer Wreath Sale and Gourmet Bake Sale

Lucy'sHearth_2013 wreath sale compressed


Lucy’s Hearth will be hosting it’s 13th Annual Designer Wreath Sale and Gourmet Bake Sale on Saturday December 7th from 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. at the Easton’s Beach Rotunda in Newport.  Start your holiday decorating and shopping in style.  The wreaths are beautifully decorated and ready for hanging – they make a perfect gift too!  The gourmet bake sale features sumptuous treats from local bakeries and bakers that you can treat yourself or give as gifts!  For more information, call 847-2021 or e-mail  See you on the 7th!

This year there's going to be a gourmet bake sale too!

Gourmet Bake Sale!

We ‘Fell’ for Lucy’s Hearth!

On Thursday, October 4th, Lucy’s Hearth hosted its 2nd Annual Fall for Lucy’s Hearth Cocktail Party at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.  Guests dined on catering from Russ Morin Fine Catering while hearing a success story from a mom who went through the shelter program.  Our silent auction and live auction with Michael Corcoran helped cap off a perfect evening.  Thank you to all of our generous sponsors and everyone who attended!


Help the Hearth at the Holidays!

Each year Lucy’s Hearth assists more than 100 families at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The families include current and former residents in the shelter program and helps each mom provide a Thanksgiving meal and Christmas morning that they otherwise would not be able to.

Lucy’s Hearth accepts non perishable food and turkey vouchers for Thanksgiving. Lucy’s Hearth has limited freezer storage for turkeys at Thanksgiving. Vouchers are the easiest way for us to ensure that each family receives what they need for their meal, and makes it easier for them to take things home on the bus.  Typical food basket items include:  potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, dessert, rolls, juice and you can also  add some other staples as well, including:  pasta and sauce, cereal, coffee, soup, crackers, rice and fruit.

For Christmas, the shelter is seeking gift cards from local stores in small denominations (10.00 to 50.00 dollars) and companies or individuals to “adopt” Christmas families. Barrera reports “We have so many small children here that still believe, and it’s difficult for us to hide presents from them in such a small building. Gift cards make Christmas easier because of their size and it also gives the Moms the opportunity to go out shopping for their children and create traditions for their families.” Lucy’s Hearth is also seeking organizations and individuals to adopt individual families this year.

Lucy’s Hearth will be providing Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance only to current and former residents and their families. Requests for assistance can be filled out at Lucy’s Hearth on October 21st – October 25th and October 28th – October 29th from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. or on October 26th from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Photo ID, proof of address, and proof of income is required with application.

Community members interested in providing Thanksgiving or Christmas assistance or volunteering can contact Lucy’s Hearth at 401-847-2021 or e-mail

Please note: Lucy’s Hearth will not be able to accept donations of used clothing and household items during the months of November and December.




2013 Mother’s Day Honorees

2013 Mother’s Day Honorees

Below are names submitted as part of Lucy’s Hearth’s Mother’s Day Gift Drive.  To learn how to place your Mother’s Day honoree on this list, please click here.  The Mother’s Day Gift Drive is a project of the Friends of Lucy’s Hearth.

In Honor of: Beverly Phyllis Aron,Mary Ann Benoit, Donna Broccoli, Lorraine DeLander, Florence Rose-Delander Joan Doloff, Debra Hammersmith, Francis Maxwell, Ellen Murray,  Faye Silverman, Louise Tricarico. From Gina DeVecchis.

In Memory of Nancy Leiter Clagett.

In Memory of Virgina Spencer Clark.

In Honor of Anna Croft & Mary Machtley.

In Honor of Helen Edgley. From Helen Jauss.

In Honor of Stephanie Farmer. From Malcolm Farmer, III.

In Honor of Lucille Galvin.

In Honor of Kelly Gaudet & Carol LaChance.

In Honor of Krista Haskell & Lisa Jo Reimer.

In Memory of Mary Louise Steinle Hug.  From her son Stephen.

In Honor of Rose Martino.

In Honor of KM. From Cynthia O’Mally.

In Memory of Marie Kirsch Schilling. From her daughter Susan.

In Memory of Cathleen Sharro.

In Honor of Dorothy Favano.

In Honor of Jane Hunte.

In Memory of Ann Kirby.

In Honor of Merry Stewart.

In Honor of Diane C. Coffey. From Elizabeth C. Behan and Family.

In Memory of Helen Chadwick. From Sara Chadwick.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Lucy’s Hearth Announces the Kickoff of the 2013 Mother’s Day Appeal!

Honor your mother or another special person in your life this Mother’s Day with a donation to Lucy’s Hearth!

All you have to do is make a donation during our 2013 Mother’s Day Appeal, which continues even after Mother’s Day! Your gift will help the homeless mothers and children calling Lucy’s Hearth home.

In return, Lucy’s Hearth will send your mother or another special person a card, and, if you approve, post her name on our website.

You may donate on-line through the Network for Good. Please note: On the on-line donation form please include your honoree’s mailing address so we may send the card, and tell us if it’s okay to post her name on our website.  Or please note that the donation is “in memory of,” and let us know if it’s okay to post the honoree’s name on our website.  To donate on-line, please click here.

Or call 401-847-2021. Or email

The Mother’s Day Appeal is a project of the Friends of Lucy’s Hearth, a group of volunteers assisting the shelter with community activities.

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